Company Profile

INTRAPOWER was founded in 2010 as a subsidiary company of INTRAKAT

The human resources of INTRAPOWER consist of 80 people, 40% of which are scientists (Engineers) and Administrative staff and 60% are highly trained technical staff of various specialties, such as electricians, refrigerationists and plumbers.

Parent company INTRAKAT is one of the largest construction companies in Greece and has been listed in the Athens Stock Exchange since 2001.

INTRAPOWER is a company engaged in:

in the field of energy production, saving and management with the integration of high technology solutions in Greece, such as :

1. Energy Saving and Upgrading of Industrial Facilities and Office Buildings
2. Energy upgrade of street lighting - replacement of light bulbs with technologically advanced ones (led)

in the field of special building projects on behalf of both the public and the private sector
in the field of Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) and Hold Baggage System (HBS)
in the field of Facility Management of Industrial Facilities and Οffice Buildings (Electrical/Mechanical, Building)
The vision of INTRAPOWER

The vision of INTRAPOWER is to further expand into new investment fields, new markets that hold great business interest and to utilize opportunities in a highly demanding and constantly evolving investment environment. Always driven by the satisfaction of its clients and the enjoyment of the maximum possible benefits from their investment, INTRAPOWER goes hand in hand with all the latest advancements in its fields of specialty, constructing projects and providing services of the highest standards, while adhering to strict time schedules.

International brand name
Win-win relationship client – Intrapower
Holds a significant share on the market
Always provides solutions tailored to the client’s needs
Continuously evaluates and improves quality of its service and the level of its staff