Our People

Employees are the most important asset of INTRAPOWER. Our business success is based on our people. We focus on the health and safety of our people and provide a stable working environment so that all employees are motivated to be productive and oriented to achieving optimum results, to take initiatives to the benefit of corporate interest and to manage their personal development with zeal and integrity.

Human Resources

Equal opportunities for all

INTRAPOWER currently employs a scientific, technical and administrative workforce of  80 full-time highly skilled and experienced professionals, whose expertise and commitment have decisively contributed to the company’s steady growth. In addition to its full-time employees, the company also utilizes an extensive network of select professionals in project implementation.

INTRAPOWER provides a friendly, productive and equal opportunity work environment that rewards dependability and involvement, encourages analytical thinking and promotes teamwork and initiative.

To ensure the retention of a high quality workforce by all Group members both in Greece and abroad, we place great emphasis on lifelong learning and consistently offer our people advanced educational and training programs tailored to position requirements.

  • Compensation and Benefits

At INTRAPOWER we care for our people. We recognize their effort and contribution and provide them competitive compensation and benefits, depending on their role. We also apply variable remuneration systems that are directly related to individual and team performance as well as company results.

  • Education & Development

At INTRAPOWER we seek to systematically develop and improve skills and by extension, the competitiveness of our employees through targeted vocational education and technical training programs, depending on the needs and the job. We invest in developing our employees’ skills and competencies through continuous training and education to meet the business needs of the company.