Corporate Culture

Our corporate culture fosters creativity and business acumen and is characterized by our tight focus on customer needs and our ability to adapt to a constantly evolving international environment. We believe in talent, innovation and forward thinking, and incorporate new ideas in our operations, expanding into new business sectors and encouraging our people to unleash their potential, seize new business opportunities and deliver value.

INTRAPOWER’s corporate culture is reflected in our Code of Business and Professional Ethics, which provides specific guidelines regarding appropriate business and professional conduct, outlines ethical standards and clearly sets basic ground rules, ensuring that all our employees, suppliers and business partners share our core principles and values.

To actually live our values, we try to make sure that all our operations adhere to the principles of integrity, transparency and reliability, and abide by our ethical business practices. In this context, we forge long-term relationships with our customers and invest in our people, providing a safe and inspiring work environment. Moreover, we consistently expand and enrich our knowledge base and aim to seize the future by promoting progress and innovation, encouraging initiative and pursuing constant improvement. We aim high and set clear cut objectives, commit to their achievement and remain focused on providing sustainable solutions that will benefit our planet and our local communities, making sure that our CSR policies are embedded in the everyday practices of all Group companies and organizational levels.

Our Code of Business and Professional Ethics includes basic operational ground rules, covering, among others, issues of:

• Integrity and business ethics
• Non-discriminatory work environment
• Health and safety
• Intellectual property – communications and software usage
• Assets and facilities
• Supply chain ethics
• Financial and non-financial information
• Fair competition
• Confidential information – acquiring and usage
• Gifts, favors and bribes
• Compliance and international trade
• Conflicts of interest