Baggage System

Baggage Handling System (BHS) & Hold Baggage System (HBS)

BHS stands for Baggage Handling System and is a type of conveyor system installed in airports that transports checked luggage from ticket counters to areas where the bags can be loaded onto airplanes. A BHS also transports checked baggage coming from airplanes to baggage claims or to an area where the bag can be loaded onto another airplane.

HBS stands for Hold Baggage System. Its function is to make automated decisions within a few seconds from the departure of the scanned baggage. Images that require intervention are taken by Level 2 operators as the baggage leave the machine, which means fewer conveyor belts are needed, which results in saving precious space.

INTRAPOWER, under the supervision of Fraport Greece and in particular under the Upcoming Renovation Projects and the Upcoming New or Expansion Projects to those granted use of the 14 Regional Airports under the 14.12.2015 Concession Agreement with the Greek State which was ratified by Law 439 / 2016, upgraded the airports’ BHS & HBS systems (for 13 of them, with the exception of the airport of Chania). These thirteen airports are divided into two Clusters as follows:

Cluster A

1. Thessaloniki (SKG)
2. Corfu (CFU)
3. Zakynthos (ZTH)
4. Kephalonia (EFL)
5. Aktio (PVK)
6. Kavala (KVA)

Cluster B

1. Rhodes (RHO)
2. Kos (KGS)
3. Santorini (JTR)
4. Mykonos (JMK)
5. Mytilene (MJT)
6. Skiathos (JSI)
7. Samos (SMI)

The aim of the new and refurbished systems was to provide the owner (Fraport Greece) and the tenants (airline companies) with a modern, automated and user-friendly facility for baggage management (BHS) and security control (HBS).